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The short term rehabilitation care that is offered at The Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing located in Ithaca, New York, has been around since 1954. Originally built in 1920, what was then named The Reconstruction Home opened its doors to aid the growing number of children affected by polio.

Once the vaccine was discovered in 1954, The Home switched its gears to aiding the elderly population in the community by transitioning to a rehabilitation and nursing facility.

Since then, our fantastic medical team of skilled and licensed professionals has made it the mission to ensure that each resident feels as if they are home. Because in fact a nursing home is that… home, long term or short.

Skilled Nursing in Ithaca, New York

Primarily, once the thorough evaluation by our staff of physicians, nurses and therapist is completed, a customized treatment plan is put into place that meets each of the goals and needs of our new resident. The treatment approach will include incorporating meaningful daily activities that will help achieve each of the individual’s goals of recovery.

Most of the short term care that is required is a combination of speech therapy, skilled nursing care, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The common conditions that would require such treatments are Cerebral- Vascular, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, motor vehicle accidents, fractures of the lower/ upper extremity and more.

Each resident that stays at our facility is then required to participate in treatment plan establishment, family training, resident/family care conferences, review of utilization, safety programs, discharge planning and community education. Every technique used in our program is designed to maintain the mindset that life after the short term care treatment here at Beechtree can go on.

Skilled Nursing Services in Short Term Care

Short Term Care South Hill at Beechtree is designed to regain the highest level of function and independence as possible for the adjustment of returning to your everyday life without the 24 hour care.

However, once the maximum rehabilitation potential has been met and prior to discharge, a rehabilitation team member will conduct a home visit to assess the home safety and will make recommendations around the new care of the resident. If they are not able to return safely home, the discharged patient may be offered permanent residency.

The goal that is set up for the short term care residents is to return home with a productive and healthy life.

Upon admission, we ask that you put aside at least two hours (one hour for the Business office and one hour with the social worker). There will be paperwork to fill out during each of those hours.

Also, we ask that you bring the following paperwork, power of attorney papers, health care proxy, medicare and health insurance cards, immunization records if available, if private pay bring a check for the first 30 days, and any social history.

Short Term Care Professional Nursing Near South Hill, New York

Have we piqued an interest with you or a family member? Good, call us today to set up a tour of our facility. (607) 273-4166. Or visit our services section for more information about your new temporary home.

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