Short Term Care in Forest HomeBeechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has the best “quality for life” expectation for all our residents. Our Short Term Care Forest Home provides a peace of mind attitude during their stay and during the transition back to “normalcy” of their daily lives.

We encourage each resident to follow our treatment plan that will be customized by our team of physicians, nurses, and therapists. The main goal for our Short Term Care Forest Home residents is to help each of the individuals to return home to a productive, quality, healthy life.

Common conditions that are treated while in our care are as follows:

Cerebral- Vascular, strokes, amputations, neurological deficits, arthritic deficits, Gait dysfunctions, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, compression fractures of the spine, motor vehicle accidents, and fractures of the upper/lower extremity. For those individuals that suffer from any of those listed will receive the proper therapies.

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The Center’s medical team that are on call and on site 24 hours 7 days a week are licensed LPNs, CNAs, RNs. and our Medical Director and Director of Nursing are responsible for the oversight of all medical policies and procedures, including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. They are available for emergencies 24 hours.

Each of the services provided are uniquely designed to fit the needs of the individual taking part in the session. For all therapies the residents will partake in the following if warranted for their needs, for physical therapy, ambulation training of all levels with the devices, whirlpool, ultrasound, electric stimulation, prosthetic training, motor function restoration, coordination and training and mat exercises.

Occupational therapy you will have a vast selection of educational programs, energy conservation techniques, cognitive/ perceptual assessments, mat exercises, and instructions on self help tasks. We also will conduct an assistive device assessment and training if qualified. Speech therapy includes evaluation and treatment. Augmentative communication device, evaluation and training and food texture evaluations.

Our team at Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing require all our short term care residents to participate in a treatment plan that is specifically designed to reassure establishment, family planning, community education and a proper discharge plan.

Prior to discharge, a home visit by our rehabilitation team will be scheduled to make sure the transition is properly secured. If for any reason a short term care individual who has reached their maximum rehabilitation potential is unable to return home under safe conditions, they will be offered a permanent residency.

Forest Home Short Term Care Professional Nursing, New York

Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has been serving the community since 1920. And we will continue to for as long as the elderly require assistance. Our staff members take great pride in the work they do and will further their knowledge to make sure all needs are met for all the residents that are will us either long term or short term.

If you are interested or would like to set up a tour of the center, please gives us a call at (607) 273- 4166.

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