Dementia Care in Lansing

Receiving the news that your family member or loved one was diagnosed with Dementia, is not easy news to take. At Beechtree Center For Rehabilitation & Nursing, our Dementia care Lansing facility’s first priority is to ease you and your family’s minds as we course this new transition smoothly, together.

When first receiving a diagnosis, your loved one may be feeling a slew of emotions. Dementia is not a specific, nor one-sided disease, but a group of conditions characterized by impairment of at least two functions of the brain, such as judgment and memory loss.

This can mean one becomes forgetful, their social skills begin to deplete, and thinking abilities become so impaired that it interferes with daily functioning. It can be frustrating and depressing for them to even attempt the simplest of tasks.

At Beechtree Center, we are committed to the care and support of your loved one and their mental health, to the highest degree. We believe that a high quality of life is essential for anyone suffering with Dementia, and our licensed professionals and certified nurses make that a reality for all of our residents.

Long-Term Care in Lansings, NY

If you’re looking for a safe and compassionate atmosphere, our Dementia Care Lansing facility is a secure environment with a variety of recreational activities to ensure your loved one can enjoy social stimulation, health and wellness, and an extended period of joy, following their diagnosis.

Our activities and exercise programs are designed specifically to aid in maintaining strength, ability, and promote independence as well as personal dignity. Such a diagnosis can really cause your loved one to feel hopeless and like there is nothing left to look forward to. Our residents at Beechtree Center have much to look forward to.

An exciting calendar of events including monthly musical performances, holiday parties, semi-formal dances, new friendship connections, summertime barbecues and so much more.

We encourage all of our guests to really make themselves feel at home with us here at Beechtree Center, mainly because, it should feel like home. Whether that’s sharing stories, allowing our staff to get to know you on a more personal level, bringing photographs and knick-knacks for your private or shared room.

We want to promote your loved one’s well-being at all costs and give them a place to thrive.

Lansing Long Term Care Amenities

The dining experience at our Dementia care Lansing facility is a culinary treat!

Our dietician and Food Service Director work together with our talented chef to prepare delicious and nutritious meals that satisfy even the most demanding of tastebuds. We are always fully stocked with available beverages and light refreshments at any time of day. Everything is prepared fresh daily in our kitchen using reduced salt and sugar if necessary.

Alternate meals, as well as sandwiches, are available upon request and special therapeutic diets may be prescribed by a resident’s physician, as well. We are here to serve your loved one’s needs during this crucial time.

As for accommodations, our facility offers both private and semi-private adult care accommodations. We know how difficult it is to transition away from the comfort of one’s home, so we make sure every room is tastefully furnished with comfortable furniture options.

Residents are allowed and even encouraged to bring their own furnishings to create a personal touch that is all their own.

Dementia Care Professionals Near Lansing, New York

We can assure you that your loved one is in good hands at our Dementia Care Lansing facility.

If you would like to delve into more information, visit our services section for more info or give us a call today to set up a tour with us! (607) 273-4166. We would love to speak with you and are here to walk you and your family through this new chapter.

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