Dementia Care in Forest HomeThe mission behind our Dementia Care-Forest Home here at Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is simple; provide physical, emotional and mental freedom in the safest and least restrictive environment for each resident suffering.

Each exercise program and the activities we provide are specifically designed to stimulate the mind and also to maintain strengths, abilities and promote feelings of independence.

Dementia is not a single disease in itself, but a general term to describe symptoms of impairment in memory, communication, and thinking. MUSIC & MEMORY is a non-profit organization that comes in to our facility for our Music and Memory program.

They bring personalized music to the lives of each resident that is suffering with Dementia here at Beechtree Center through digital music technology.

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The general idea behind this program is to help those suffering reconnect with the world though music-triggered memories. We use playlists that are set up on iPods and other forms of digital audio systems.

Another form of therapy we offer for our EDGE Dementia Care Forest Home is Pet Therapy. The goal with this is that a hands on mindset is to reassure each resident that there is a meaning in life. The therapy set up is designed so that community based organizations visit several times a month with in-house animals.

Before entering into this program each qualifying resident will go through a thorough physical to make sure their safety is met. The animals are required to be either held or on a leash at all times during the visit and must be well behaved. Proper health records for the visiting pets must be on file in our activity office.

The Center also holds various special events though our Recreation Therapy. We have volunteers throughout the community come by during the scheduled program. College students from Cornell and Ithaca volunteer their time to attend as well to help each of the residents.

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The program itself is lead by our Recreation Director and a small team of Recreation Aides. Local churches conduct weekly services and individual visits for religious support. Because music is therapeutic, we have a professional musical performance each month.

Each performance is a different genre and style to help keep the mind active.

To keep the “quality of life” mind set going with all of our residents that stay with us, we also hold seasonal events, such as holiday parties, semi-formal dances, and the annual summertime barbecues. Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is proud of our accomplishments and work ethics of our growing team members in each department.

Dementia is a very sensitive topic but handled with care and love while those residents that suffer from the illness are here with us. Each case is unique and carefully planned out by our licensed team of physicians, nurses and therapists for therapies based off of the personal and medical history of the individual.

For more information, feel free to browse our nursing services or if you would like to schedule a tour call (607) 273-4166.

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