It seems like Beechtree has always been a part of Janice DeLong’s life. Her mother was a Certified Nurse’s Aide here for 35 years, back when Beechtree was The Reconstruction Home. It truly became a family affair when at one point, there were 3 generations of Janice’s family working here—Janice, her mother, and her daughter. On August 14th, Janice will celebrate her 41st anniversary working at Beechtree!

Janice came to Beechtree fresh out of the BOCES C.N.A. program; and hers was one of the first classes of C.N.A.’s to sit for the newly required state exam. Throughout her extensive career, Janice has been involved in many different departments; from laundry, to direct care , to housekeeping, to Central Supply where she is currently the Central Supply Clerk, managing and ordering supplies for much of the facility.

Throughout her time here, Janice says a positive change she’s seen is the increase in the quality of services being provided and more care being taken. When asked what’s driven her to continue to work here for 41 years, she says “the individuals living here.” They are “almost like grandparents to me. This is their home, they deserve the best.” Janice works hard to coordinate all the various supplies to make sure the residents have what they need, when they need it. She also pays tribute to the great co-workers she’s had by her side throughout the years; she wouldn’t be where she is today, without them.

Janice plans to continue working at Beechtree until it’s time to retire. We certainly hope that isn’t anytime soon!! Please join us in congratulating Janice on her 41 years of commitment and service to Beechtree and its residents. We are honored she chooses to share her talents with us and look forward to many more years! Congratulations Janice!

Beach Tree Center For Rehabilitation & Nursing

Janice DeLong